The Jon Hudson Consultancy -  Bedford area, UK


The Jon Hudson Consultancy provided technical, marketing and business resource to Semiconductor and Technology companies and has now formally stopped, with SDRplay commitments taking over.  However I am always interested in new ideas and projects on an informal basis.

I worked in the semiconductor industry: Texas Instruments and Cambridge-based Bluetooth Connectivity leaders, CSR where I was SVP responsible for PC, Automotive and Consumer products – the bit sold to Qualcomm).

In 2014, I co-founded 'SDRplay' - a wireless SDR manufacturing & software company company here in the UK - we provide the RSP family of Software Defined Radio receivers - see - these are now the most popular mid-range choice for SDR-based communications receivers. Google “SDRplay” to see how popular they have become!

Before establishing SDRplay, I enjoyed providing consultancy services to Affle, ARM Ltd., Dialog Semiconductor, iBiquity, Innovate UK, JP Morgan and Neul Ltd. (the latter was sold to Huawei in 2014 following an initial introduction made by me at Mobile World Congress in February 2013)

Other interesting activities have included:

A (sadly lapsed) 2004 invention and patent application for what later became fundamental for Instagram and Snapchat applications

Adding technology innovation to various TV entertainment formats working with  and speaking about tech trends at TV industry events

Non exec director at small Internet ISP (KBNet)  and fintech service company Earninscast

Semiconductor industrial background:

Mesmerised by radio as a teenage radio ham, fell in love with electronics, graduated but failed to become a radio DJ. Reluctantly entered working life as a QA technican at Texas Instruments Bedford and quickly discovered that playing with semiconductors could be a lot more fun than being a DJ!   This was the beginning of a long career spanning R&D, marketing and business leadership rôles: 27 Years within Texas Instruments’ Semiconductor operation in Europe and USA followed by 4 years as Senior Vice President at CSR growing a $200M PC, Automotive and Consumer wireless connectivity businesses. 


Jon holds a B.Sc. in Physical Electronics from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, and is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Ongoing learning through Amateur Radio - G4ABQ


email address:  jon at jonhudson dot net and phone +44 1223 911 044 or +44 7836 591544



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